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Comprehensive Solutions to Complex Commercial Disputes

Tackling even the toughest of cases through innovative thinking and a hands-on approach

For nearly 40 years, Ken Morgan has effectively handled complex commercial disputes for clients involved in the commercialization of real property and intellectual property. From disputes related to the formation and governance of project and management entities, those arising from acquisition and financing, to wind-up and distribution of profits, he is a fierce and sophisticated advocate, in negotiation and litigation alike; keeping clients well-informed along the way.While located in the Midwest, Ken and his ever-growing network of highly-qualified attorneys and experts have succeeded throughout country.

Success thorough, data-driven strategy

Ken’s clients can expect:

  • In-depth knowledge of business law — Success starts with a clear understanding of “the rules of the game”. During his career, Ken has established a well-deserved reputation for a remarkable and in-depth understanding of business law, within Michigan and nationally. Working with local counsel, Ken has successfully prosecuted and defended his clients’ interests throughout the Midwest as well as in California, Delaware, Florida, Kentucky, Nevada & Tennessee.   
  • A hands-on and innovative approach —  Using his considerable skills as a lawyer, as well as his training in project management, strategic planning and decision analysis, Ken develops and implements detailed cost-effective strategies and project plans, which often include other lawyers and law firms with particular subject matter and local expertise. Consequently, he delivers a unique brand of legal services – services customized for the legal, business, financial and political realities of that engagement – using the most effective legal resources available.  
  • Open communication — These are fast times. Often too fast, so keeping up requires effective communications. To do so, Ken and his network of lawyers work with clients through cloud-based collaboration platforms, like Microsoft Teams® -helping you stay up to date regarding your engagement.

Using experience and creativity to handle the most complex business law cases

From our office in Birmingham, we serve clients in the Midwest and beyond in the following matters:

  • Commercial real estate litigation — Our attorney’s aim is to resolve commercial real estate conflicts effectively and efficiently while pushing for a successful result for his clients.
  • Intellectual property — Our firm can help you obtain copyrights, trademarks and patents to protect your creation, and if someone infringes on your intellectual property, our attorney can help you seek the proper legal remedy.
  • Business litigation — If you are involved in business litigation involving breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, tortious interference or other grounds for dispute, Ken Morgan can represent or defend you in court.

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